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Excellence. Period.

The Thief

Time is a silent thief

stealthily corrupting



until only a shell

of original intent


Refusing to empower it

by acknowledging its

procrastination qualities

helps some.

Being at peace with aging

and its affect on time

helps more.

The Wine Maker

In that place between sleep and dreams

I find him, caressing my thoughts

with a fervor not found

in the waking world.

I hold him with more reverence

than a vertical of vintage wine.

He savors me with a passion

mastered only by wine makers

during that perfect year

when vines are abundant

and the flavor bitter-sweet.

It's in this special place

he belongs to me

bypassing reality,

till the taste is soured,

and the bottle destroyed,

shattered by dawns light

and the six o'clock alarm.


Wake each morning

sloughing off yesterday,

pleasantly anxious

for today's adventures,

refusing to worry over

what may happen next

so you're able to

embrace the positive, then

flatter your hopes with purpose

layered with resolve

and watch in wonder

as another day

dawns less complicated.

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