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Besides writing, my other passions include photography, music, playing the piano, computers - all of which I am a master at none -

and my best friend, Q.

In Focus

People often confuse

the dream realized

with the finish line

rather than the pursuit.

It's not about conclusions

but adventures

eyes wide open

looking all around

instead of at the ground

fearing a fall.

Many rewards are realized

by staying focused

not fixated in this quest

we've labeled


March 2018

Poetry is a passion which began early when attending Harding Jr. High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. My English teacher (also named Pam) introduced me and the class to poet e.e. cummings. 

I've been writing ever since. As an author of short stories and poetry, my work has been published by Dorrance & Company in their Contemporary Poets series (a book entitled "Sometimes It's Good to Believe in Monsters"), in "Lyrical Iowa" (an Anthology of the Iowa Poetry Association), "Virtue Magazine," and locally as a weekly columnist in The Oskaloosa Herald.

My poems are described as "short and

lyrical which follow in the tradition of

such well-known American poets as

Hugh Prather and Rod McKuen in their

exploration of love as the most basic of

human emotions and literary etudes

employing nature as an instrument for reasoning in an attempt to understand life, each other, and themselves."